Pain Relief from everyday Aches & Pains

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CBD pain cream with natural herbal extracts, wintergreen oil, MSM, Magnesium and CBD oil.

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Obel® Cannagesic CBD Pain Rx Cream (Topical Preparation)

Obel® CBD Pain Rx Cream is used for the relief of symptomatic pain. Obel® CBD Pain Rx Cream contains a blend of active ingredients which may assist with pain and inflammation.

Active substances: Each gram contains: Gaultheria procumbens leaf (wintergreen) oil, Harpagophytum Root Procumbens hydroglycolic extract, Menthol (M. arvensis), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Magnesium Sulphate, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Cannabis sativa Seed Oil (Hemp Oil), Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil 4mg/mL. (Total actives per gram of cream: 90.61 mg)

Wash hands before and after use. Apply a generous amount onto the affected area and massage gently until the affected area is treated evenly. Not for use on infants and children younger than 6 years old.

Available on Takealot.